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LITERARY CLASSICS, Classic Books Collection

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The GREATEST Classic BOOKS ever written

Whether you're an English student, in need of reference or a general book lover, we have a fantastic collection of unabridged classic books by 560 of the world's leading literary authors. Thousands of unabridged books are catalogued, alphabetically by author, presented in a beautiful multimedia format allowing quick and easy access to the books in this amazing collection of classic literature. All of this comes on a solitary PC cd-rom, accessible with a simple click. Amongst the authors, there are classic books by: Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Henry David Thoreau, Thomas Hardy, Goethe, Freud, Darwin, Nietzsche, Lewis Carroll, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Oscar Wilde... To view all literary authors and books included, please (click here).

literary classic. Classic books on cd-rom. Available for purchase
classic books. Literary Classics. Author biographies

£19.99 £14.99 ($29.99)

This grandiose collection of 20th century classic books on CD, includes both fiction and non-fiction. Only a decade ago, such a collection might have filled dozens of book shelves, and would have cost thousands. Today, this literary collection is available for just £14.99 (under $30) and available for purchase now. If you have any doubts, please take a look at our testimonials. We're proud to say every response we've had the 'Literary Classics' cd-rom has been extremely positive.

Classic Books - Authors, Photographs and Art

Featured on this website are 42 biographies from the 560 literary authors present on the CD book literature collection. Learn more about the lives of the authors, and browse some of the portraits and artworkavailable, directly connected to these literary masters. Photographs and art are available to purchase on high grade artist's canvas, either framed or unframed.

You may also wish to download our free Literary Classics - Author Desktop wallpaper.

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