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Photographs and Artwork based on author

John Milton

Fine Art Canvas reproductions brililantly capture the details of the original artworks, and provide a beautiful means in which to adorn any home or office with photographs and artwork from your favourite literary authors.

Sin, Death, and the Devil

Sin, Death, and the Devil , fine art canvas reproduction photo print

Reproductions are printed to the highest quality on genuine artist's fine art, archival canvas.

A satire on the struggle between Pitt and Thurlow travestied as a scene from Paradise Lost. Pitt is Death, wearing only the king's crown. Thurlow is Satan. The Queen is Sin, naked with two writhing serpents for legs attempting to protect Pitt.

Sin, Death, and the Devil . Fine Art Canvas Reproduction Print
(Standard size, 11" by 8.5" canvas). Price: 12.95

Sin, Death, and the Devil . Fine Art Canvas Reproduction Print
(Larger Edition, 16.5" by 11.75"). Price: 17.95

We deliver worldwide. Goods are priced in British pound sterling, however you will be billed in your local currency.
Our currency converter can be used for estimation purposes, however an accurate conversion will be carried out during the checkout process.